Yoga Accessories

To practice yoga, first, it is necessary to get things you will require. Beginning from the basic you need to maintain an insulated gap between your body and earth, get proper support for optimum benefits, and straps to stretch better. Yoga accessories are helpful for you on the way to becoming a master from a practitioner.

A variety of Yoga Mats, Yoga Pants, Yoga Bolsters and Yoga Blocks are available online these days to assist you with yoga training. In this article, you will be familiar with the best yoga accessories and how to make good use of them. Yoga Blocks, yoga bricks, and cushions provide you with full support to perform each step of yoga practice and help retain you every posture correctly.

Yoga Accessories and Equipment

But before you get a new set of equipment and accessories for yoga, you must be aware of their uses and importance. Belts, Straps, Mats, Bolsters, and blocks, have their significance.

a. Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats are a new version of carpets that have evolved. You must have seen in the ancient Yogis and Monks used rugs to practice yoga asana and meditation. Mats are a means to keep you apart from the dust particles on the ground, provide an insulated gap between your body and the earth. Thus, not allowing your energy channelize to the ground.

Sometimes you may encounter a slippery surface or hard ground to practice active and advanced level of yogic exercises. Yoga mats these days are an efficient way to create a cushioned layer to comfort you and let you focus on your activity.

Different variants of yoga mats available are Dear Mats, Thick Mats, Thin Mats, Sticky yoga mats, Cotton yoga mats, and mats texture.

b. Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are the type of support that always tops the best list of yoga accessories. Besides easing your practice, yoga straps assist you in maintaining balance and stretching correctly for every posture.

As a beginner, you are going to rely much on the straps to flex your limbs and arms. Yoga straps are used to flex your tight areas like hamstrings and shoulders.

Some of the poses can only be practiced using a yoga strap, namely the Cow Pose, the Dancer Pose, and the seated yoga poses. There are mainly two types of straps you can look for, the one with a plastic buckle, and another with metallic buckle.

c. Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks are third on the list of best yoga accessories and equipment. One of the best reasons why you should use these yoga props is they help you with your alignment regardless of your age, condition, or practice. You can start practicing yoga poses even as a beginner, or if you are continuing after a gap.

These props are even better to give your body the elevated support that you need. Yoga blocks are most beneficial for those who struggle performing yogic practices on yoga mats. Yoga Props helps lift your body to a correct angle as required in different poses by elevating you further to a trajectory.

Your body can reach the positions and postures differently with the assisting block support. You can consider these blocks as a jack you use to support your car.

So, these jacks you can use to practice particular sets of asanas like forward-bends fish pose, hero pose, and many yoga Poses. Yoga blocks are available in Foam, wood, and cork types out of which crock blocks are considered most suitable being lightweight.

d. Yoga Bolsters

Bolsters are the easiest new-age method to try out every problematic step of the yogic exercise. Bolsters are what should strike your thoughts when you buy yoga accessories online or at a nearby store. You can easily practice some of the most challenging yoga poses without stressing your base points.

These yoga props are used to get a proper cushion and support relaxing your mind and body. You can maintain a healthier posture and feel calm while practicing even the strenuous yogic poses.

Some yoga asanas are painful if you try them at; first, this is where bolster steps in as the supportive Yoga Prop. Some seated poses may affect your pinpoints if you sit in a particular posture for long. These postures can result in an ill effect and more painful for you.

Simply place a bolster between you and the ground to reduce the stress in parts in action. You can put one for support and relaxed postures while performing backbends, forward bends, and other most challenging asanas.

e. Yoga Pants

Yoga Pants are the first and best yoga accessories you would like to go into yoga practice classes. Nowadays, Yoga Pants are more eco-friendly, easily fitted regardless of your physique, and adjust your needs, and you give yourself a stretch.

Markets are flooded with various types of Yoga pants these days that are an easy, cheapest, and friendly piece of clothing to practice Yoga. Male or female, you can comfortably accommodate into one you like.

The next you search for Yoga accessories near me, do give a search for Yoga pants. The fabric is a blend of spandex, nylon, and other eco-friendly materials that provide you full flex according to any angle your bend is.

They come in different sizes and shapes out of broad waistband is considered suitable. The fabric of yoga pants is anti-sweat and goes with your body movement, helping you stretch comfortably.

f. Yoga Balance Ball

Balance Balls are regularly used to treat patients with muscular disorders by physiotherapists. Not just patients, if you are an expectant mother, a yoga Balance ball is the most suitable way to relax your abdominal muscles.

Your back and spine are at risk throughout the bends and stretches you perform. Balance ball assists you to stretch out and bend without bearing pain since the reason for discomfort is stiffness in muscles.

Patients who have undergone an orthopedic procedure, ladies who are mom-to-be, or elders can are most suggested to practice yoga poses and bends using a Balance ball.

Other Yoga Accessories to ease your practice techniques are

  • Yoga Shoes
  • Yoga Bands
  • Yoga Bags
  • Yoga Socks
  • Yoga Bricks
  • Yoga Eye Pillows
  • Yoga Meditation Cushion
  • Yoga hand Towel
  • Yoga Blanket
  • Yoga Mat Towel
  • Yoga Ropes
  • Yoga Swing
  • Yoga Mat Wash
  • Yoga Paws
  • Massage Roller
  • Balance Board


These are five necessary yoga supplies for you if you want to kick start your yoga practice at home or your yoga classes. These yoga accessories are must-haves if you are browsing for equipment for yoga or any props online. Some of the practitioners find it hard to perform their favorite yoga poses. These yoga accessories are a platform to begin and retrieve your health back in shape.