Benefits of Yoga on Skin

Benefits of Yoga on Skin
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Benefits of Yoga on Skin: Are you worried about your skin tone, the zits that keep growing on your face, or the dark circles below your shiny bright eyes? You must be wondering what yoga has to do with your skin. There are vital benefits of Yoga on Skin that can make turn your skin healthy again.

Forget about pimples and dark circles too. Yogic methods are purely natural that you need not visit a dermatologist.

Benefits of Yoga on Skin - Using Different Methods

You would not be surprised that anxiety and depression dull your skin and darken your eyes. You would not want to look like a zombie with hair turned grey at an early age.

What sets your skin unhealthy are some of the mental and psychological factors, plus some unhealthy dietary. Let us look at some of those causes.

  • Anxiety (what you feel inside is reflected outside on your skin)
  • Alcoholism (Damages Vital skin cells and antioxidants)
  • Smoking (Toxins damage your vital hormones and collagen)
  • Junk Food (unhygienic and inadequate nutrients)
  • Genetic Issues (these may be Blood Impurities)

You need to relax first and then work on these aspects that are cornering you. There are multiple yogic practices you can follow to treat your skin and hand you fruitful outcomes.

Different Yogic Approach to Better your Skin

Pranayama (Controlled Breathing)- Breathing oxygen stimulates your blood cells, escalates blood circulation, burns excessive fats, and rids the impurities present in blood by expelling them.

Mudras (Finger Gestures)- These gestures focuses on pinpoints of your hands and fingers where energy is centered. Pressing these points combining with chants helps release stress and affects your skin and internal functions of your body.

Asanas (Yoga Poses)- Simple to Advanced, easy to complicated, these postures help you retain your physicality by working on your internal organs, as well as bones, muscles, and mind.

Dhyana (Meditation): The ancient meditation methods that work out on your being, wellness, and the inner-self. What you project inwards, is what you reflect outwards. Meditation is considered the best anxiety healer and has been practiced for ages.

Kriya (Cleansing Methods): Best and effective way to get glowing skin is the series of yogic Kriya, which are ancient methods to cleanse your body. These techniques are fruitful if practiced timely. Associated with your mind, body, and internal functions, performing Kriya is an effective way to attain toned skin.

Benefits of Yoga on Skin - What you need to do?

Skin treatment can be costly, and time taking, and chances are, the medicinal treatment may turn out to be reactive or lead to an unhealthy result. As said earlier, yoga does it the natural way.

Years and years of practice is what the yogis and sadhus performed at times when there was no scientific technology to cure and heal. You have to have time to sort your skin troubles, so you need to have some time for yoga because this is what it needs at the moment.

1. Improved Blood Circulation

When you feel tired and low on energy-levels, is when you can experience your skin laden with wrinkles and dryness. Now consider hair loss, which is the worst part to go through.

You can imagine what effects a cardio exercise would have on you after an exhausting workout at the gym. You can get the same results through yoga poses. An active state of body and mind is the blood circulating through your veins and arterial passage freely. For this, you need to perform yoga regularly.

2. Oxygen Flow

Through controlled and regulated breathing during yogic exercises, you can stimulate your blood flow and intake of nutrients and vital oxygen to hype your blood flow throughout your body.

Oxygen is life, a scientific element that supports combustion, the better you breathe in, the faster you burn your fats. When it is about combustion, the regulated intake of oxygen rids all the toxic elements like collagen and elastin responsible for aging and wrinkles.

3. Through Sweat

Sweat is the impurities drained through pores of your skin. You would not want the harmful elements to trap beneath your skin and let them mistreat you. Yoga Postures come in to rescue you where you can perform many asanas (seated and bent) to expel the impurities through the door.

Drinking water helps further, try not to dehydrate yourself while practicing a set of yogic exercises.

4. Raised Antioxidants Levels

Antioxidants are like little soldiers in your body, fighting the infiltrators (antibodies and toxins). The antioxidants fight antibodies to keep you immune to many harmful elements.

Most of the people prefer diet to boost the antioxidants level hence to look younger. Yogic postures and pranayama are the best way to increase the antioxidants level in your body naturally.

5. Better Digestion Control

The acidic imbalance may lead you counts of uncomforting situations including irritated mood, and poorly structured skin. The inside imbalances may affect your outer body layers adversely. Bad guts are the source of bad skin.

Deep breathing and abdominal massage through yoga helps release your stomach acids and put them to a balanced state. Practicing yoga for stomach also rids constipation and gastric troubles keeping your guts healthy.

6. Lowered Stress Levels

The constant breathing practices help you vanish the stress hormones cortisol and induce the release of endorphins (the happy hormone) in your body. When there is no stress on your mind, the frowns will have no place on your glowing face.

Yogic exercises and meditation bring you to a calmed state that helps you incorporate more positivity. When you are positive, you open yourself to happiness, and so on, to let the happy hormones to work more.

7. Withdrawal from Alcohol

Yoga is a slow and patient way to say goodbye to wine and other alcoholic drinks. A combination of yoga poses, mudras, pranayama, and meditation helps you retain balance to your mind that triggers cravings.

Too much alcohol can cause redness to your skin, dehydration, and due to which you age faster. Yoga, on the other hand, promotes healthy practices, from eating to drinking. These practices, when fused with exercises, can help you with Alcohol withdrawal and stops you from going down the same path again.

8. Smoking Cessation

Smoking detriments your skin on a vast scale that just a month of continuous smoking can show up on your face and skin. Dark patches and acne are some frequent visible changes in your skin besides aging.

First thing first is to quit smoking because no medical retreat can protect you from the ill-effects of tobacco. This is where yoga comes to protect you from the craving.

Scientific studies have also revealed that yogic methods like Kriya, asanas, and pranayama are the solutions to cure perceived stress and negative effects of smoking.


The next morning you wake, you would love to put on smile not because of one but many reasons. Take your mat and get to follow the yogic styles. Think healthy, eat healthily, be healthy, and shine healthily.

General FAQ

Which Yoga is best for skin?

Yoga has a history of curing and preventing every little problem associated with blood-circulation. Unquestionably, yogic exercise comes as a boon to better your skin tone. You can practice with yoga postures such as Halasana, bhardvaja’s twist, Bhujangasana, and Trikonasana to beautify your skin tone.

Can Yoga make you beautiful?

Most of your dormant blood cells activate during intense breathing and making body postures. These processes amplify blood circulation, and with every blood second, you have new corpuscles formed inside your body. With a better immune system, you tend to build yourself stronger, and being string is being beautiful.

Does Yoga give you glowing skin?

The answer is yes. Oxygenated blood cells contribute to better growth on the outward scales on your skin hence turning your skin more glowing and healthier.