Benefits of Yoga Handstand - Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Benefits of Yoga Handstand - Adho Mukha Vrksasana
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Benefits of Yoga Handstand: What if you stand in the shape of an inverted tree? Does it benefit you? Is it harmful, or is it merely an exaggeration? Let us clear your perception about Adho Mukha Vrksasana. There is an array of Benefits of Yoga Handstand that you can feel during the practice. You’ll learn about one by one here as you excel at this yogic posture, which is considered a perfect method for an advanced learner.

Who would have thought that flipping your body upside down could be beneficial in many ways? You should be aware of these benefits as you advance to the higher level of yogic practice. This advanced yoga pose is usually practiced to test as well as strengthen your upper body. Even more surprising is to experience how blissful its practice can be. Wind up your work and perform this advanced yogic exercise for a few minutes.

Significance and Benefits of Yoga Handstand

The Sanskrit name of Yoga Handstand is Adho Mukha Vrksasana which refers to downward facing tree pose. It is also known by handstand pose and inverted tree pose (since it is precisely a flipped version of Tree pose). In this pose, your legs become your arms and vice-versa.

This complex yogic exercise is performed to transfer your energy to your upper body parts where your energy flows towards your head. There are numerous health benefits of Yoga handstand that can be easily observed in your mental and physical states in day-to-day life.

Range of Benefits of Yoga Handstand

There are plenty of Adho Mukha Vrksasana benefits that are enough to satisfy you. Practicing Adho Mukha Vrksasana gives you a feeling of not less than a warrior. This method of practicing is quite simple for those who already have reached an advanced level of yogic exercises.

If you have thought to give it a try, then mind asking for an assistant to help you with balance and alignment during the initial phases. If you have perfected this pose, then you feel these changes in no time soon.

(1). Handstand Yoga Reverses the Energy Flow

This advanced-level yoga posture encourages the fresh blood to flow to your upper body parts and activates your brain functions. This consequently helps you attain good mood, amplifies your thought process, and provides a smooth passage for oxygen to affect face and brain positively.

(2). Lightens your Legs and thighs

Too much stress can be hard to bear for your legs; this makes your legs hard stiff. This yogic practice helps your shed excessive fats extracts and lightens their weight. This exercise shifts your balance to hands by streamlining the energy flow from the bottom to the top dilating and opening blocked routes.

(3). Distributes Energy Uniformly

Scientifically, this posture promotes the uniform distribution of energy through the body. Some organs in your body are less functional as compared to others, probably due to obstruction or energy flow. This pose helps your bodily energy gets distributed amply from the lower to upper regions.

(4). Induces Different Perception

How would you like to see the world from a different perspective? Quite an exciting thought for a change, isn’t it? With a different point of view, you become more of a positive thinker and can wipe away the negativity by turning things and thoughts around.

(5). Strengthens your Arms, Wrists, and Elbows

This advanced yoga pose helps you focus and emphasize more on your arms and wrists, second to elbows. The straight alignment of arms provides more stability to your shoulders. This enhances your balancing ability, which is more conducive for you if you are a professional acrobat or gymnast. Bodyweight is balanced and distributed along the body as you gain expertise at this posture. Resultantly, it is easier for you to do some heavy lifting.

(6). Removes Anxiety and Calms Your Mind

It is all about energy, the better flow of energy escalates the level of your thinking and immunes you against negativity and stress faced in day-to-day life. Gravity pull does its magic by allowing more oxygenated blood flow to your head. Which means, this posture can help you rid the neck pain and mild depression, and headaches.

(7). Straightens the Spine

From toes to wrists, your body is aligned in one pose. This helps you correct your posture and straighten your spine too. Apart from balancing, you can finds this pose helpful for your stomach problems. Plenty of stretches are provided to your stomach that helps you with intestinal troubles.

(8). Easy Remedy for Hair Loss

Studies have shown that proper blood flow through your head also promotes the flow of vital nutrients to your scalp and reduces hair fall problems. If your stance this pose regularly, it can help you regain your hair health and strengthen your hair against baldness and turning gray.


Yoga Handstands help you stay grounded and keep you closer to nature and mother earth. This yoga pose also encourages you to adopt a simple and healthy lifestyle by respecting earthly gifts and creatures. Gravity does its perfect work on your mind as the energy makes its way upwards from your body, engaging both in conjunction.


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