Benefits of Yoga Before Bed - Sleep Well and wake up Active

Benefits of Yoga Before Bed - Sleep Well and wake up Active
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Benefits of Yoga Before Bed: Lack of ample sleep is what most people in this modern age deal with. The numbers of cases of sleep disorders are staggering as the generation steps into their technology-ridden world. Blame it to the lifestyle or the technology advancements. But yoga steps in once again to save you from sleep deprivation. And did you also know that chronic insomnia leads to the risk of Coronary artery disease, Heart failure, and even stroke?

With depression and anxiety being two of the most common factors leading to sleep deprivation, bad habits add fuel to the fire. You know it well how a night without sleep can make you lethargic for the next day. Also, it would disturb your schedule severely. Nobody would want to sleep during lectures or their meetings. It is time you managed your poor sleep and fixed these sleep patterns.

What technology has brought so far?

Yes, it is almost impossible to put down your phones; smartphones have replaced every closest thing that could be possibly closer to you. Get credit to the fast-track life where your day kicks-off with a check on your emails and messages, and ends with another schedule planned for later.

Then, comes a time when the water gets above your head, and you need a break from all hectic routine. Well, this is what strikes your first. What if there is a solution hidden back in the vaults of ancient times. What goes around is coming back around now, with a better solution. Just don’t go anywhere because you have the answer to every problem right in your bed.

Benefits of Yoga Before Bed-For Better Sleep

Sleeping is as significant as eating and breathing for you. Once you lose the balance, you tend to lose vitality on your physical and mental outlook. Yoga has so much to offer you with meditation and mindful practices to overcome sleep deprivation.

The practice of Yoga not only benefits during insomnia but also clarifies your thought process and speeds up your digestive system. Understandably, it’s hard to manage any time for Yoga, why worry when you can bring it in your room.

(1). Benefits of Yoga Before Bed - through Meditation

Allow the positive thoughts to enter your mind, let this energy affect your lobes and calm your senses. Meditation is a mindful yogic activity that sages used to perform to attain peace. The peaceful way of meditation is a method of Yoga that helps you release a load of mental stress you went through at work or college.

You have more chances to obtain benefits of Yoga before bed through meditation as you can focus on your energy by draining the negative energy and thoughts.

Best Way to do it is, through Yoga Nidra (Meditation mode where you lie down on your back and breathe slowly and deeply to relax and calm your mind and body).

You can chant Mantras or any sound that resonates with your breathing and energy to amplify the effect of yoga meditation.

(2). Benefits of Yoga Before Bedtime-Through Yoga Poses

Sometimes nothing is as good as your bed to try some Simple yoga poses before sleep. The bed seems to fit you right in when it’s too late to go to your yoga studio. You can heighten your digestion process by practicing some sitting yoga poses. Sometimes gastric troubles are the causes that keep you up till late.

Some specific seated yoga poses to improve your faltered digestive system and relieve the abdominal strain releasing the wind and balance the acidic level.

Stretch provided to the body through these postures induces sleep within 5-10 minutes. A muscular stretch is essential to contract and relax your muscles, build up the oxygen levels, and soothe your mind.

Some poses you can perform in bed before sleep

  • Child's Pose
  • Reclining Bound Angle Pose
  • Happy Baby Pose
  • Supine Spinal Twist
  • Cow Face Pose
  • Seated Forward Bend

(3). Bedtime Yoga Benefits through Pranayama

Yoga lets you breath more and easier as the pranayama emphasizes more breath-work. The method of controlled breathing relieves your internal organs and intensifies your blood flow. The deep and fast breath also removes hindrances collected in the air passage.

Your lungs perform better, and air pulls out all the toxic elements through the route of mucolytic particles. When you take fresh oxygen in, the amplified level of oxygen vitalizes your mind and soothes the randomness. Practicing pranayama also sheds the day-to-day stress levels you face at your workplace.

Best Pranayama to practice before sleep is Anuloma Viloma Pranayama.

(4). Bedtime Yoga Benefits Through Mudra

You must be lacking some energy that causes imbalances in your mood, behavior, and attitude towards life. The foremost reason that why people are addicted to alcohol or smoking is lack of energy to stabilize their emotions and thought process.

The vital energy that travels through different regions of your body must reach every portion to promote stable functioning. You are drawn to unhealthy practices because the essential energy is draining out through pinpoints of your body.

Mudras are the most straightforward yogic exercises you can perform in bed before sleep. These mudras are gestures and are more different types to seal your active energy. This energy is then utilized throughout the body to reach vital parts and amplify their mechanism.

(5). Yoga helps you stay active for the Next Day

Yoga poses and methods you practice for the night will not only help you sleep but also rejuvenates your mind and body for the next day. Poses and pranayama activates blood circulation, removes the stiffness in your muscles and joints, and restores the much-needed fluidity.

Be at the office or college, your mind stays attentive, and your body remains active. Moreover, your mood will be positive and exhibit positivity. Yoga methods promote healthy living through healthy practices.

If you are experiencing insomnia symptoms, you can find quick relief through following the yogic practices mentioned above. The daily, stress, anxiety, and depression are cured with a regular touch up of yoga. You need not put yourself through hours of practice; just a 30-minute exercise is enough to gain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


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