Benefits of Yoga Ball - Take Yoga Ball anywhere you want

Benefits of Yoga Ball - Take Yoga Ball anywhere you want
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Benefits of Yoga Ball: From one place to the other, yoga ball is now bouncing all around from Gym to Yoga classes, from physiotherapy clinics to your workplace. One of the prominent benefits of yoga ball you can reap is during birth. Often called as a birthing ball, in maternity clinics, this yoga ball helps you stay comforted and flexible during delivery. Besides, impacting your posture in yoga class, this yoga ball offers you much more than you can imagine.

What is a Yoga Ball Chair?

It is a ball that has multifaceted use in your day-to-day life can be utilized in many different ways during exercises, restorative workouts, avoidance of orthopedic dysfunction, or posture improvising.

A yoga ball is made of softer elastic that has a variable diameter from 35 to 85 centimeters (nearly 14 to 34 inches). Some balls can be inflated up to 95 cm. You can change the air pressure through valve stem to make it comfortable according to your need.

The material that a yoga ball is made of is water-resistant and burst-resistant vinyl, so you need not worry about any kids approaching your yoga ball with pointy objects.

Other Names of Yoga Ball are:

Benefits of Yoga Ball for Practitioners

Now, a Yoga ball goes all along with you wherever you go. This inflated ball is adjustable according to your height and body build. These balls can usually bear weight up to 2200 lbs. At present, there are a variety of yoga balls available in the market, and you can get any size that suits your need.

Here are some visible benefits you can experience yourself by teaming up with a yoga ball.

(1). Benefits of Yoga Ball as Chair for Correcting Posture

Yoga ball as a supportive prop in the yoga class, lets your body bend and flex better to enhance mobility. Even during discomfort, you can easily get along with every yoga posture from easy to the complex type. Use of a yoga ball also mitigates risks of having any strains or injuries.

As a stability ball at the workplace, this yoga ball also proves to be your physio nonetheless. Compare a chair to a yoga ball, there are armrests, back support for your spine that is enough to put you in a lazy mood where is quite usual to yawn during work-hours.

Replace your chair with a yoga ball now, and you'll see the difference with no armrests and back aid. You are more attentive, active, and focused as the shaky round shape is unstable to keep your mind towards balance and correcting your posture encouraging better spinal alignment.

(2). Yoga Ball makes your Practice Painless

While correcting and maintaining the right body posture, a yoga ball keeps the exercise painless. It is scientifically proven that Yoga outnumbers the advantageous effects of physiotherapy involving both the easy and challenging level exercises. Now more and more patients and athletic professionals join Yoga.

If you are also one of the practitioners who have replaced Physiotherapy class with Yoga, then you must be familiar with the benefits and use of Yoga ball. Yoga Ball benefits in comfortable body movement even during rigorous yoga postures and bends.

Due to the stiffness and immobility after an injury, your muscles and bones are unable to gain movement quickly. One problem is to deal with the pain while flexing. Yoga ball adapts to your need and helps you bend at angles that are usually hard to create. This too is without the pain.

(3). Yoga Ball as a Chair Enhance your Mobility

Feel drowsy at the workplace? Not anymore. Yoga Ball induces activeness in your body by regulating energy flow and allowing our collection to focus on the core. A yoga ball chair is also easy to adjust as compared to a heavy office chair.

You are regularly aware of your posture and are less likely to sit in a slouchy position because of the absence of the back and side support frames. A posture full of movements also alleviates risks of developing back or neck pain that occurs due to long hours sitting in a particular pose in a chair.

(4). Benefits of yoga ball chair are for everyone

Yoga Balls are easy to afford as compared to office chairs, come in different shapes and sizes that everyone can fit into one. A yoga ball is the most convenient way to follow a healthy lifestyle at work, home or, yoga practice.

Worry not, there is a ball for your height, size, and choice that is less space-taking, lightweight to carry and you can even deflate it, and take it to your home whenever you wish.

Right Sizes of Yoga Ball Chair for you specified by Experts:

  • For Height between 4'8" and 5'5", Yoga ball should be 18 in/45cm in diameter.
  • For Height 5'6" to 6'0", the preferred diameter of Yoga ball should be 22 in/55cm in diameter.
  • For Height between 6'1" and 6'5", your Yoga ball should measure to 26 inches/ 65cm in diameter.
  • For Height above 6'5", the ball should be 30 inches /75cm in diameter.

(5). Benefits of Yoga Ball as the Birthing Ball

A yoga ball is recommended for practice during pregnancy but also during labor. Here are the reasons why many maternity clinics and hospitals use the Birthing ball for comfortable delivery these days. Yoga Ball relieves your back by enhancing mobility during pregnancy and distributing the pressure on your spine. The much-required movement is hard to gain during the prenatal stages, which is supported by the use of a yoga ball commonly known as a birthing ball. By using yoga ball during pregnancy, your pelvic muscles are opened, and blood flow is encouraged to flow towards placenta, ensuring adequate growth of the baby. When you position yourself correctly during labor and contractions, the baby's position also fixes, which provides a healthy delivery and reduced labor time.

An ideal yoga or birthing ball size can be categorized according to your height as:

55 cm for less than 5’4’’, 65 cm for 5’4’’ to 5’10’’, and 75 cm for more than 5’10’’.

Note: An easy way to figure out the right size of a yoga ball for you is to check whether your knees fit at the right angle.

General FAQ

What is a Yoga Ball?

A Yoga Ball is made of the vinyl material that is elastic enough to support you while exercising yoga poses. You can use it to improve your bends, postures, and stabilize your body to perform a particular yoga pose, whether easy or complicated. More details ...

What are the Benefits of Yoga Ball Chair?

You can use a Yoga Ball as a chair in your workplace to gain better body movement, correct your posture, keep you active, and rid the lousiness. More details ...


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