Benefits of Mudrasana - Locking The energy

Benefits of Mudrasana - Locking The energy
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Mudrasana or Yoga Mudrasana is often mistaken for Yoga Mudra (The hand gestures). Mudrasana first combination of a comfortable yoga posture and a Yoga Mudra (Seal or lock on energy) that emanates spiritual enlightenment and promotes fair use of the energy circulating inside your body. Benefits of Mudrasana are directly on your shoulders, abdomen, and hips as the critical role is to functionalize and vitalize these parts.

A deep stretch to your back is healthy for your spinal column as you bow to the divine and strengthen your back. Take it easy as this yoga pose is practiced by a beginner as well as an advanced learner.

Mudrasana and Its Significance

This yogic pose is also known as the Psychic Union Pose because both your physical and psyche are equally involved in this yogic method to affect your being. This pose is an often-practiced yoga asana by many ancient yogis and sadhus, which also marks its significance.

It is believed that in ancient times, practitioners used this method to connect to the divinity of nature utilizing vital force. It was a way to explore one’s internal landscape.

Through the seal of energy (Lock of energy) also known as bandha, the purpose of a Mudrasana Practitioner is to let the energy circulate inside the body. The energy closed within the body then is utilized for different body organs, including the mind for vital results.

Practicing this specific pose unifies your mind, body, and spirit in confluence with the divinity of nature. Hence, it is also famous as the Psychic Union Pose.

Benefits of Mudrasana on Mind

Breathing is an integral part of every yoga practice. Combined with Mudra, this circulating energy is directed to the body such that it travels the route from top to down. Intense and slow Breathing during this pose activates your passive brain cells and stimulate their functions. Practicing Mudrasana creates a passage for the excessive energy collected at the top or mental level to flow to the lower portions of the body. This releases all the stress and negative energy to render a positive effect on your mind. In return, you are able to upkeep your mental health via Psychic Union Pose as it:
  • Prevents Mental Disorders
  • Diminishes Depression
  • Removes Anxiety
  • Avoids Overthinking
  • Sharpens Memory
  • Elevates thinking process
  • Enhanced Cognitive Ability
  • Helps you attain spirituality

Physical Benefits of Mudrasana

It is a magical posture that strengthens your muscles, spine, and joints besides stimulating the energy flow. This energy, along with muscular and boney stretch helps you alleviate counts of disorders and diseases. As the breathing pacifies, the oxygen level boosts blood circulation and maintains blood pressure normalized. Some more outcomes that are beneficial once you master this pose are:

  • Flexible Body
  • Enhanced Bowel Movement
  • Improved Respiratory System
  • Toned Belly
  • Strengthened Hips, Legs, Thighs, and Heels.

Spiritual Benefits of Mudrasana

As the Physical exercise corrects your posture and strengthens your body organs, half the action is taken care of by the seal of energy you apply through Mudra. This Mudra restricts the vital energy to drain through your pinpoints and allows it to flow from top to the tip of your body.

The flow is maintained in order from higher to lower level following the basic rules of physical sciences. The psychological effects that turn into benefits are as follows

  • Rejuvenated Senses
  • Ability to Connect with world Deeply
  • Nature becomes more Soulful
  • Deep Inner Consciousness

A set or a combination of Poses is performed during Mudrasana that also confluence with deep breathing and concentration. Mudrasana, as said, that can be practiced by both beginners as well as advanced learners, has a multitude of benefits on your health.

The initial stage of Mudrasana requires you to sit in a Lotus Pose/Padmasana. Later you can forward bend by taking your arms and putting a bandha Mudra to exercise as displayed in the picture. Try to hold the pose for as long as you can and relax once you feel pain or overstress. Repeat the same periodically for at least 5 to 7 times. If you are already suffering from muscular stiffness or knee/joint problems, consult your healthcare specialist before exercising.


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