Benefits of Kundalini Yoga - Uncoiling the Energy

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga - Uncoiling the Energy
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Benefits of Kundalini yoga: Experience your power by practicing Yoga in an all-new way. Fuse the meditation, Mantras (chanting), breathing, and asanas on route to self-awareness. Kundalini Yoga is all about making use of the life force resting or spinning inside your body. Activating this ‘coiled’ vital Energy is termed as awakening, and once you achieve the awakened state, you can reach your true potential.

It is all here in the Kundalini, the center of gravity, the base of the spine. The enhanced flow of vital life force Prana, also enhances your vitality, making you stronger and determined from inner and outer aspects. Also known as the Yoga of Awareness, the Kundalini yoga emphasizes on your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual connection with yourself and the surroundings.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini (Sanskrit), means the Energy that sits at the base of your spine located at the center of your body. This Energy is considered of immense power and effects that awakens your sense of awareness. When you release this serpent-like Energy, this Energy moves from the base to the upward direction. According to the ancient Indian philosophy, Kundalini also played a pivotal role in activating the blocked Chakras (wheels of energy) along the spinal column.

The yoga practices that are performed in a series are termed as a part of Kundalini Yoga that involves Pranayama (Breathing), Dhyana (Meditation), Asana (Yoga Postures), and Mudra (Hand Gestures).

History and Significance of Kundalini Yoga

The history of Kundalini Yoga Dates back to 500 B.C. when Sage Gorakshnatha from Nepal founded and brought this ancient yogic method to awaken the sleeping Energy. Unlike other yoga methods, the sages kept kundalini yoga discreet. But later, in 1969 Century, this technique was introduced and taught by Yogi Bajan (Founder of 3HO-Happy, Healthy, and Holy Organization) in the west.

Also known by its third name, Laya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga now is practiced widely to attain the highest potential and deep awareness. This form of Yoga was common among the sages and sadhus back in ancient times. Beginning with Chants, and Kriyas, the Yoga continues with a more in-depth level of meditation and ends with breathing and relaxation.

By awakening your Kundalini, you can transform your life by experiencing transformed thought process, elevated energy levels, and spiritual connection with the divine. You will be able to practice self-heal and self-love, and only when you heal yourself, you are able to heal others.

The Energy that you awake and rise flows through every part of your body and mind. You can experience the flow in your hands, your eyes, speech, that you can use as a tool for self-realization and activating the chakra


Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

This is what you must be wondering about at the moment; How can Kundalini Yoga Benefits affect you and at what extent? The answer lies back in the ancient texts where it is said that the one who balances their Seven Chakras, masters his senses. Where Kundalini Yoga helps your release and elevate this vital Energy, the yogic practices help your physical, psychological, and spiritual being. Kundalini Yoga Benefits you in numerous different ways and can be observed through these vital transformations.

(1). Unblocking the Energy

There are over 1400 energy centers in your body represented in the form of Chakras. These chakras are the energies spinning constantly. Blockage of any chakra causes psychological and physiological imbalances that may also lead to ailments. Practicing Kundalini Yoga awakens most of the blocked circular energy fields by allowing the flow of life force through them continually.

This enhances your bodily functions to produce optimum and positive results. The entire system of Yoga and Chakras is correlated to the modern sciences as these energy fields also represent the magnetic fields; in the modern age, these energy fields are also referred to as Vibes.

(2). Kundalini Yoga Benefits the Nervous System

Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff! Repetition of chanting Mantras while meditating invigorates the flow of positivity inwards. It is an ancient practice the Yogis performed while attaining the state of Samadhi. This practice also kept their mind calm even under harsh physical circumstances.

Continuous chanting of mantras can you concentrate on your inner-self, and you can release the burdening stress eliminating the thoughts of what is relevant and what isn’t.

(3). Kundalini Yoga boosts your Will Power

When you work towards the activation of Energy from down the spine, the power traverses from lower to the upper regions building a strong field of conversion between your energy junction and channels. The heat evolved at the core of each area is similar to solar Energy. Be more confident and shine bright like a sun once you activate the Kundalini energy.

This Energy helps you physically as well as mentally. Energy traveling along the spine corrects your imbalanced digestive system first, then counters your memories and self-doubts as it moves upwards. This Energy is most helpful to activate your blocked or imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) that also represents the Energy of the Sun.

(4). Kundalini Yoga Nurtures your Thoughts and Speech

When you practice self-love, and through Kundalini Yoga, the chanting and reciting divine or positive mantras affects your senses and speech. It is commonly said that Kundalini Yogis mastered their speech as well as a thought process.

There are some people and personalities who can influence people by speaking the least yet effectively. This practice made them more positive and compassionate even towards those who hold negativity. Once your eradicate self-doubts and negativity, you can quickly help the others with dealing with their negative energies without being affected by them.

(5). Kundalini Yoga Helps you Cultivate Wise Practices

Yoga aims at keeping you conscious and morally active through sage methods. Not only to heal but to face the exceptions of life considerably and caringly. If you have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for a month now, it is time you started noticing your actions and decisions pertinent to life situations.

Your self-doubt has vanished, the road ahead is clear to steer clear amidst the fog. Your brain is capable of differentiating the right path from the rumbles. You hold the power button to your life solely. And whenever you want to decide what you should do, you know the right moment to hit it right.

Kundalini Yoga is the Reset Button

The movement of Energy from the bottom to the top makes every part of the path quiver. It is common to experience your body heating up or shaking. The energy-flow during Kundalini Yoga resets your senses and helps your bodily mechanism to redirect the life energy freshly.


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