Benefits of Kriya Yoga

Benefits of Kriya Yoga
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Benefits of Kriya Yoga: Yoga is as much significant to your physical and mental health as it is to spiritual enlightenment. A yogic path is a multifaceted approach to confluence all the aspects of being serene and divine. The concept of Yogic Kriya dates back to Vedic times. Out of several yogic methods created and devised to purify and treat the human body. These methods were actively used to cure and prevent different ailments, since then, these disciplines have been practiced with little modifications as the time advanced.

Yoga aims to cleanse the mind and body first, then comes the path of spiritual enlightenment. The primary methods followed during yogic exercises are now incorporated in different yoga styles to reap maximum benefits of Kriya Yoga. What are they?

What is Kriya Yoga?

In yoga, Kriya or Shatkarm (Sanskrit term for Cleansing Activities) are used as cleansing and purification methods used since ancient times. The six different methods used are also described in ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ to reach the ultimate goal that is the purification of our body internally and externally.

Only when you are pure and serene inside out, you can attain a state where Meditation and pranayama become blissfully productive. Kriya Yoga aims at preparing yourself for performing meditative yoga techniques overcoming any fatigue, imbalance, or discomfort.

Methods and Benefits of Kriya Yoga

The techniques of Kriya Yoga or Shatkarm follows an approach of performing six Kriya in a sequence beginning from the top of the body to the tail. These methods of purification and cleansing are included Yoga poses, Chanting Mantras, Pranayama/Breathing, and Meditation to raise your consciousness level and attain one ultimate goal.

Unfolding Psychological Benefits of Kriya Yoga

  1. Benefits of Kriya Yoga include vital transformation in mental, physical, and spiritual states.
  2. You can witness your real conscious state once you perform all the Six methods of Kriya Yoga.
  3. While the outcome affects you physically, the pure state oh health also calms your mood and behaviour feeling a sense of calmness and serenity.
  4. When the mind and body are pure, you let go yourself of all the egoistic beliefs and thoughts. This helps you understand yourself and others better and at a positive level.
  5. You are more aware of your physical and mental movements controlling your senses and opening more to enjoy the subtle delights of life.
  6. You can easily set your course of action to a particular situation and lead yourself as well as others to help under exceptional circumstances.
  7. Your entire mechanism is strengthened and immunized, promoting vibrant health and a robust Central Nervous System.
  8. Shatkarma is the onset of awakening the Kundalini. Following the right process and stages of Kundalini Yoga after performing kriyas, result in the flow of Prana (Vital Force) throughout the body.
  9. When you develop an advanced spiritual conscious state, your mind is open to another dimension of existence. This not only helps you positively but also affects those who surround you.

Benefits of Kriya Yoga and Purpose

1. Kapalbhati Kriya: Kapal+bhati refers to “Shining+Skull,” which aims to forcefully eliminate the impure elements of your stomach and air passage by intense inhalation and exhalation. This vigorous activity results in corrected respiratory disorders, activated alignment of brain cells, relaxed facial muscles, curing sinusitis. This Yogic Kriya helps and natural anti-aging remedy. The intense breathing process also enhances your lung capacity.

2. Neti Kriya: Neti Kriya is referred to as the process of cleansing your nasal passage. This process helps you purify your respiratory system, eliminates all the impurities extracted in your throat, including the excessive mucus. It also helps curing headaches, common cold, and improvise memory and concentration power. Neti Kriya is performed in two ways, Jala Neti (where hot water is poured into one nostril to let the liquid flows out through another nostril) and Sutra Neti (Where a cotton string is inserted through the nostril and pulled out through the mouth.)

3. Dhauti Kriya: Dhauti means, “To Clean,” this method works on your intestinal tract to the stomach by inducing the anti-Peristalsis process (vomiting). This early morning practice is helpful in many ways. By practicing Dhauti Kriya, you get rid of excess acids and reduces inflammation during cold, asthma, and nausea.

Dhauti Kriya consists of a total of eleven methods out of which common four are Antar Dhauti, Danta Dhauti, Hrid Dhauti and, Moola Shodhana. You can drink water to induce the vomiting process or take a cotton cloth to get the same results.

4. Nauli Kriya: This cleansing method emphasizes massaging your abdominal muscles and digestive organs. You project your stomach muscles forward and then contract in a waveform to intensify the digestion process. Practicing this yogic KKriya helps you control constipation, diabetes, and sexual dysfunction. The best time to practice this Kriya is morning time on an empty stomach. High Blood Pressure and Hernia Patients need to consult their medical expert before performing Nauli Kriya.

5. Trataka Kriya: Trataka Kriya means to stare steadily that helps you maintain your focus and concentration. While you perform this Kriya, you have to stare continuously at the flame of the candle and close them once your eyes feel tired. This Kriya enhances your visual capacity and also improves your memory. You can repeat this process for at least three times. If it’s hard for you to stare at a candle’s flame, replace it with a little round object.

6. Basti Kriya: The Term Basti or Vasti defines urinary bladder and follows two techniques for providing medicinal fluids through either urinary opening. This method is quite identical to the medial process of giving an enema to the patient. However, Kriya Yoga is entirely natural. Through this method, you can purify your large intestines with or without water. This method is useful for bowel cleansing and curing menstrual disorders.

A different Aspect

Kriya Yoga enables you to gaze inwards and work on your health more internally. The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to help connect yourself with your inner elements. To look at the world better, you need to learn to look better at yourself first. This is the motive of Kriya Yoga, to set you on the right path before meditating and exploring the world of spirituality.

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Benefits of Kriya Yoga

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Benefits of Kriya Yoga

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Benefits of Kriya Yoga