Benefits of Kripalu Yoga - Origin and Purpose

Benefits of Kripalu Yoga - Origin and Purpose
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How is your thought process? Does your day begin with planning your schedule wondering about how you have to do from first to last? Do you also believe that despite toiling every day at work and home isn’t as much sufficing as you expected? If the answer is yes, Kripalu Yoga is the easiest and gentlest way to practice on yourself to enhance your self-observation.

Now, what is Kripalu Yoga? Is it another yoga pose, a breathing technique, or meditation? Self-judge your actions and thought process combining natural/extensive yoga poses, deep meditation, and breathing methods.

What Kripalu Yoga Means?

Kripalu means compassion; thus, Yoga that promotes compassionate and non-judgmental practices is Kripalu yoga. It is another style of Yoga that has been practiced by practitioners around the world. This natural and gentle style of Yoga is accessible to everyone, and you can find it relaxing, balancing, and enlightening for yourself.

In Kripalu Yoga, you prolong your meditation process to conquer and control your thought process observing your thoughts and actions. Kripalu Yoga enables you to analyze yourself and experience who you are.

How Kripalu Yoga Originated

Maharaj Amrit Desai founded the style of Yoga, an Art scholar from Philadelphia College of Art, who, later invented two forms of Yoga, namely, I am Yoga and Kripalu Yoga. As a disciple of Shri Kripalvananda, he named this yoga method after his guru’s name, which refers to “the Compassionate One.”His first co-founded yoga center was established in Sumneytown, Pennsylvania. At present, there are over 700 yoga programs hosted every year in Kripalu Yoga Schools of Ayurveda and Integrative Yoga Therapy.

With five of the yoga centers based in the USA, His training programs have now reached over countries around the globe with the guidance of over 8000 Certified Yoga Teachers.

Kripalu Yoga is based on its four core elements Hatha Yoga, Asanas, Dhyana, and Pranayama. It is also an interplay of body, mind, and energy that further allows you to observe your actions and perceptions.

Purpose and Benefits of Kripalu Yoga

The sole purpose of Kripalu Yoga is to enable you to be gentle to yourself. You are respecting your body and mind by tuning your wisdom and emotions to define your personality uniquely.

This purpose is served by following teachings and methods laid down by the Vedic concepts of healing through three stages, which are:

  • Body and Breath Awareness
  • Holding the Posture
  • Meditation in Motion

Henceforth, you can obtain the Benefits of Kripalu Yoga being a dedicated practitioner excelling at all the three stages.

Besides teaching yogic postures, the Kripalu Yoga method also emphasizes on your emotional and spiritual wellness. Thus, this style of yoga releases its effect on yourself through all the dimensions that you can have physical as well as psychological benefits of yourself.

Benefits of Kripalu Yoga to Experience

Kripalu Yoga is misconceived as a passive approach to better health, which is quite unsettling as the practitioners will be following Hatha Yoga methods to keep the body active throughout their yogic exercises.

The deep meditation and controlled breathing through Pranayamas activate your inner-self and conscience. Kripalu Yoga Benefits you from all the aspects, some of the outcomes you will be experiencing after a continuous practice are:

(1). Anger Control

A Kripalu Yoga evidently, is able to hold his/her temper under exceptional circumstances. Kripalu Yoga method stresses more on maintaining a performed posture and focusing on breathing and meditation.

This helps you give more time to balance your emotion and breath in conjunction with your physical nature. This form of yoga teaches you anger management. Let's not forget that a calm mind is the source of a series of wise actions.

(2). Kripalu Yoga Promotes Love and Kindness

Not only a Kripalu Yogi is Kind and gentle to self, but also he feels the same compassion and love around in persons who surround him. It is all about learning to respect and love through the Yogic practice.

Kripalu Yoga is a key to unlock your route to yourself. How you see yourself is how you perceive the world around you. So, next time you breathe and relax, try to put the focus on an understanding of yourself and the ones around you.

(3). Kripalu Yoga Induces Proper Energy Flow

Subtle rhythmic life energy flows through your body in continuation to keep you immune and active all the time. Even a speck of limiting belief or deconstructing idea can halt or hinder this rhythmic flow.

Regular and deep breathing activate the energy blockages caused by insignificant thoughts or disturbing notions. This also means you are immune to physical ailments and psychological disorders.

(4). You Inch Towards Body Awareness

As you are energy is channelized to your mind and thoughts draw inwards helping you realize the importance of your body. You are self-aware and come to the fact that your body is your temple.

A Kripalu Yogi is more aware of his physical wellbeing considering of what practice might affect his body poorly if he does not respect his own body. Once you learn to love yourself, you teach others about the same.

(5). Built Self-Confidence

As a Kripalu yoga practitioner, you can experience a boost in your self-confidence as you step towards knowing and realizing your course of thoughts and actions. Once you develop your conscience inflow, your thoughts and actions pave your way to right decisions. When you are a right decision-maker, you spike your self-confidence and self-reliance naturally and eventually.

It is impossible to see a constant practitioner or boast about the Benefits of Kripalu Yoga. A research conducted on practitioners concluded with a positive outcome citing that individual Kripalu Yoga components of the breathing, Yoga postures, and meditation practices effectively benefitted them to deal with their daily life issues.

Kripalu Yoga is for everyone and every age; it helps you create more space; not only in your body but also the mind through a regulated flow of energy. A one-hour practice of Kripalu Yoga a day can define your rest of the 23 hours. Kripalu Yoga is the yoga life, helping you ride the storm.


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